All of our grape wines carry ‘Iowa’ on the label.

If you are looking for a locally grown and produced product we encourage you to look for "Iowa" on the label (in the apellation statement; not just the produced and bottled by language). Federal law requires that 75% or more of the grapes making up a given wine be grown in the apellation (location) referenced in this statment. Better yet, ask the winery where their fruit is grown.



As the freshly harvested grapes are delivered to the crush pad the journey from blossom to bottle continues. The grapes are destemmed and crushed on site. From this point the white grape must is pressed and transferred to tanks. To achieve the desired color and structure, the red grape must is pumped directly to tanks where it is fermented on the skins.

We have created the following wines for your enjoyment:

Cardinal Red

A semi-sweet red made primarily from Concord grapes grown in Iowa. Cardinal Red is our red party wine and Prairie Crossing's way of saluting the Treynor Cardinals! (Double Gold medal Best of Apellation from Apellation America.)

Cheers to Cherry

Sweet cherries paired with smooth vanilla. The perfect sipping wine for dessert. Try a bottle of this one mixed with a bottle of Silver Creek Soiree and 20 oz of Sierra Mist an awesome wine spritzer!


A semi-sweet white wine made from Edelweiss grapes. This Iowa grown classic is not too dry and not too sweet. It has a buttery front and crisp finish. Recently entered the ranks of our top 3 most popular wines.


Frontenac is a dry red made from 100% Frontenac grapes grown in Iowa. This wine is a bit lighter than the previous one with more subtle oak characteristics.

Howling Coyote

A semi-sweet blush made from the Catawba grapes grown at Prairie Crossing. It's an easy drinking blush, but be warned! We have seen more than a few folks turn into this wine's namesake before the evening is over. (Silver medals Finger Lakes International and Mid-American Wine Competition.)

Kit Cat

Kit Cat is a semi-sweet blush made from St Croix grapes grown in Iowa. It is an easy drinking rose with hints of cherry. This wine is named after our vineyard cat, Kit Cat, who was given to us by the growers of these grapes.

Meadowlark's Song

100% Organically grown! Our second organically grown wine!! An off dry white made from a blend of ORGANICALLY grown white grapes (Frontenac Gris, Prairie Star, and Brianna). Meadowlarks are frequent visitors who can be seen and heard from the vine rows of local vineyards. This wine's smooth taste and crisp finish mimic the lively melody of the meadowlark. (Gold medal 2012 Finger Lakes International.)

One Night Stand

This sweet Iowa grown Catawba wine is bursting with the aroma and taste of pink grapefruit. Serve chilled with fresh fruit, savory cheeses, and whatever "fun" you have in mind!


Our exclusive Iowa grown port! This blend of Frontenac and GR-7 grapes yields a rich, full bodied, sweet wine suitable for pairing with your favorite desserts or on its own as an after dinner treat. (Silver medals Indy International, Finger Lakes International, and Mid-America Wine Competition.)


100% organically grown! Our first entry into organically grown wines!!! A full bodied semi-dry red made with 100% ORGANICALLY GROWN FRUIT (85% Geneva Red 7 grapes and 15% ARONIA BERRIES)!! Fruits are from our "renegade" growers Charlie and Jolene Caldwell who own and operate Black Squirrel Vineyard.

Row 13

Row 13 is a sweet white made from Iowa grown LaCrosse grapes. The winemaking process used in the creation of this wine preserves the extreme fruitiness of the LaCrosse grape.

Silver Creek Soiree

With Silver Creek just to the east, this sweet white rich with hints of butterscotch & pear is the perfect compliment to your next soiree. All Iowa grown grapes in this refreshing blend.

Two To Tango

This sweet Iowa grown blush tantalizes the senses with a medley of peach, melon, and strawberry flavors. Serve chilled with fresh berries, mild cheeses, and hearty breads. Captivate you tango partner like never before!

Wagon Trail Red

Wagon Trail Red is a big and bold dry red made from 100% St Croix grapes grown in Iowa. Reasonable acid, respectable longer chain tannins, subtle cherry and pepper notes, and a resulting smoothness that makes this one a real treat after your trek down the Pioneer Trail or enjoy it coupled with your next steak or pizza. (Gold Medal and BEST OF CLASS Red French-American Varietal 2011 Indy International.)

Windswept White

A fruit forward semi-dry white made from the Cayuga grapes grown at Prairie Crossing (first variety east of the entrance). Don't let your eyes fool you. This nearly colorless wine is bursting with several wonderful citrus and stonefruit aromas and flavors! (Double Gold medal Best of Apellation from Apellation America.)