"There's never been a famous winemaking region in the world that became famous by using grapes grown somewhere else."

At Prairie Crossing Vineyard and Winery, we truly believe that a great wine starts in the vineyard. From spring pruning to fall harvest, the vineyard is worked by hand to produce the grapes processed in the winery. Pruning begins in March while the vines are still dormant. Using pruning shears and loppers each vine is reduced to a mere skeleton of what it was during the past growing season. As bud break brings each vine to life in late April the routines of canopy management and monitoring the overall health of the vineyard begin. New growth is positioned on the trellis wires, shoots are thinned and leaves are pulled in order to expose the developing grape clusters to the sunlight. As harvest nears netting is applied to reduce bird predation and the grapes are tested for sugar content, acid level, and pH. At harvest a picking crew removes each grape cluster by hand and sends the buckets of grapes to the winery for processing.

Our vineyard showcases American Labrusca and French American Hybrid varieties. We utilize both the Geneva Double Curtain and Vertical Shoot Positioning trellis systems.